Technology Solutions For Small Businesses


IT Solutions and Cost Savings

KTG provides technology solutions based on open source software and software as a service.  This allows KTG to provide enterprise level technology solutions at prices up to 90% below the costs of traditional software vendors like Microsoft.  Explore some of the small business solutions KTG offers.  


A Comprehensive Software Package

Like many of our customers, KTG is a small business.  KTG understands you don't have money to waste on expensive IT solutions.  You need technology that will help grow your business.  You want the most bang for your buck.  You want high levels of customer service.  KTG can help.

A technology solution from KTG is a comprehensive software package.  KTG will leverage existing open source software, tweak it to fit your needs and then provide the ongoing support and training you need.

Technology Solutions by Type:


affordable software

Large Business Technology at a Small Business Price

KTG offers its customers the same quality solutions seen by national consulting firms while still providing the customer support and availability you need.  Each year the cost of technology drops, providing greater opportunities for technology in small businesses with small IT budgets.   KTG is knowledgeable in open source software options which can provide the same functionality of enterprise software giving your business more options than ever. 

software within business processes

Software that works within your business plan

KTG believes that technology alone won't improve a business.  Any technical solution must be fit within the existing business model and business priorities.  Training is also important.  If no one knows how to use the new software it will never be successful.  We think you will find that KTG consultants really understand your needs and can provide technology help that allows you to focus on running your business.

great customer service

Customer Service First

Technology consultants are almost as numerous as the choices in technology, but we believe you'll find KTG to be more than just a technology consulting firm.  We offer great solutions that meet your business needs, but our real strength is in our customer service.  We firmly believe that people are what make business succeed. KTG's goal is to give you the technology needed to allow your employees to focus on success of your business.