Information Technology (IT) Services


While some businesses need to have the overarching IT plans, KTG also specializes in helping businesses who already know what they need.  These small businesses can benefit by simply choosing one of our off-the-shelf services. These services do not have the customization of our full consulting service, but still provide small businesses enterprise level IT services. Many of our IT services focus on open source software and leverage the latest IT practices like virtual computing and the software as service architecture.



Your company can have globally accessible, reliable, and backed up email setup within a few days.  Ensure your email is unique by using your own domain name.  There are several options including Google Apps, and Zimbra hosted email, which gives your company corporate level email functionality.  Access your email worldwide, and explore the many mobile options that can send your emails to your PDA, iPhone or Blackberry. Learn more about KTG's email services. 


A firewall protects your network from intruders. Many ports and back doors are often left open to intruders allowing unwanted access to your network. A secure firewall will block unauthorized access keeping your network secure while still allowing necessary traffic through.


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network allows your road warriors or office commuters to access all your companies' network resources from remote sites. Shared network drives, printers and intranet websites, they are all accessible via the VPN connection. Its like having your computer connected to the company network from anywhere in the world. The VPN connection through a secure link, which ensures none or your sensitive information will leak out.  Learn more about KTG's VPN product. 


Off-site storage

KTG has an off-site storage solution that will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.  Our off-site backup solution stores your data on Amazon's Simple Storage Service.  This gives our clients some of the best prices available for online storage as well as a guarantee of 99.9% availability and very strong file security.  Additionally, KTG provides hands on support and service to ensure that your critical files are being backed up and can be retrieved if necessary.  If you want to ensure that your data is safe and secure, and don't want to spend a lot of money to keep it at a remote location then this is a great solution for your business. Learn more about KTG's secure backup solution. 


Managed Services

Whatever software you need can often be ran cheaper and more reliably on a virtual machine. Our use of the computing cloud allows you to run your business applications for a fraction of the price of purchasing and maintaining your own servers. Additionally, because your software is separated from hardware, outages from faulty computer components can become a thing of the past.


Product Recommendations

Navigating the IT marketplace is daunting. Continually changing technologies and acronyms make it difficult for small business owners to know what they really need. Oftentimes businesses will end up overpaying for many features they won't use. Our product recommendation process analyzes your businesses requirements and provides you with solutions that meed your business's needs while keeping you from paying for features you will never use.