Technology Infrastructure: Network Reliability and Security.


Communications Reliability

The network is the lifeblood of many small businesses. Email downtime can result in lost customers, productivity and revenue. KTG will examine current network infrastructure and server redundancy to provide a solution that minimizes network downtime.


Network Security

The security threat continues to grow. KTG provides solutions to keep your network safe from unwanted intruders.


IT consolidation and optimization

Small businesses are under constant pressure to reduce IT costs while keeping or expanding the level or service. Server virtualization and grid computing can drastically reduce IT costs. Additionally, many IT purchases result in paying for features that are not needed. IT budgets may also be miss-allocated; many small businesses may be spending thousands on new computers while not spending budgeting for IT security in order to keep those computers safe from hackers. KTG will develop plans which reduce IT costs while keeping or improving the level of service.