Small Business Virtual Private Network (VPN)


A VPN Provides Worldwide Access

A virtual private network allows your road warriors or office commuters to access all the companies' network resources from remote sites. Shared network drives, printers and intranet websites, they are all accessible via the VPN connection. Its like having your computer connected to the company network from anywhere in the world. The VPN connection is through a secure link which ensures none or your sensitive information will leak out.

Integrated Firewall and VPN

Along with the VPN, KTG provides a secure firewall for your network. The firewall uses a hardened linux kernel that will keep intruders from your network. The firewall also offers many additional features like a DNS server, access monitoring and bandwidth prioritization.

Platform independent

KTG's VPN system will work with Windows, Mac and Linux systems. This way the choice of ones operating system will not affect his ability to access the network.


KTG's VPN used a dual authentication method. This means that in addition to a VPN password each user is given a unique encryption key. This makes it virtually impossible, using current techniques, for outsiders to access the VPN.


The VPN system costs nearly half the price of leading competitors systems. KTG's clients can realize additional cost savings because the VPN and firewall can run on an old computer system. There is a good chance that if you have an unused computer sitting around the office it will have the system resources needed to run the firewall and VPN.

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