Online Data Backup: Remote Secure Backup by KTG


KTG's Secure Backup allows you to keep all your important files in a secure location. Our system will store your files on Amazon's Simple Storage Service, giving you some of the best prices for online backup and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. 


Why should I consider online backups?

Off-site backups have long been considered a best practice for large corporations.  Disasters may strike, from theft to a lightning strike that destroys your computer and external hard drive, when you have all of your data in one place you risk loosing it all.  With KTG's secure backup this same off-site backup capability used by large corporations is now available to your small business.


Why is KTG's Secure Backup better? 

Our backup product combines the reliability and low price of Amazon's S3 service with the high levels of customer service that KTG provides.  For the price, we challenge you to find a backup product that offers the same amount of customer support. 

KTG's Secure Backup is a comprehensive backup solution.  Backing up files is only half the picture.  The real test comes if you need to restore files that were lost.  Users of KTG's Secure Backup have the support of KTG in the event they need to restore any files. 

Are my files secure if I upload them to the web?

Yes, with KTG's secure backup only people with your secret encryption key will be able to access your files.  Unlike passwords that are easier to crack, the encryption key is virtually impossible to crack.  Additionally, you have the option to encrypt all the files you upload.  This  provides an additional layer of security for your files.


I want to learn more about this backup product:

  secure online backup With a strong encryption method you can ensure that your files are kept safe from prying eyes.  You also have the option to encrypt your individual files providing you with an extra layer of security.. 
  works with windows linux and mac Our software is platform independant.  We support Windows, Mac and Linux clients. 
  works like external hard drive Your online storage works just like an external hard drive attached to your computer.  Moving files is as easy as dragging and dropping them. 
  automate backup Any good online backup solution has the ability to automate backups as well as be bandwidth sensitive.  KTG's secure backup does both.  You can easily set a schedule to automate your backups.  Plus the software will only upload files that have changed, saving you money on bandwidth charges. 

grows with your business

Our online backup solution grows with you.  With virtually unlimited storage you can use our product from when you are starting out to when you have hundreds of employees.  Additionally you can add multiple computers to the backup product without any additional charge. 


How much will this cost me? 

There is an initial fee of $9.99 to setup the backup service. 

Monthly Charge: $3.95

Data transfer to/from Secure Backup: $0.20 per GB

Monthly Storage Charge $0.30 per GB

If you want, KTG can make an on-site visit to help you setup the service to ensure all your files are being backed up.  To have KTG setup the service it costs 49.99 per computer.  Our software is easy to use, so you can also setup the service on your own.  

Like all our services, the KTG backup service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Our backup system uses open file standards.  This means that it is easy to move your files to other services if you are not satified with our service.


How do I sign up for secure backup?

 - Contact KTG and let them know you are interested in the backup service. 

 - KTG will respond to your email within 24-48 hours to setup a one hour consultation where we learn about your backup needs and install and automate the backup software.  This service is great for people who want to ensure that they backup up all the files they need and will be able to restore them at some point in the future.