Open Source Software is a Good Choice for Small Business

"large business technology at small business prices"

KTG believes that open source software and software as a service (SaaS) provides the best value to small businesses.  With open source software and SaaS KTG can provide powerful technology solutions at a price small businesses can afford.  

Even though open source software is free, it is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies to run their systems.  With open source anyone with an internet connection can download the same software being used by Fortune 500 companies.


What is Open Source Software?

Open source software is a category of software that can be freely distributed and modified. No one owns it and therefore you can't charge for it. What is amazing about open source software is that while it is free, it is also a very high quality product. So much so, that 66% of the one million busiest websites are ran on open source software, more than triple the amount of websites running on a Microsoft platform.



Open source software is free.  Anyone with an internet connection can download and use it.  This software is created by volunteers around the world.  Some large open source projects like Apache (free open source web server) have thousands of volunteers that help maintain the software.  Some open source projects have just one or two people working on them.



Just because open source software is created by volunteers doesn't mean that is isn't as capable as other software.  Some of the best computer programmers around the world contribute to the creation of open source software.  Additionally because the software isn't owned by anyone it is very easy for people to customize it.  The open source website content management system Drupal is a great example of this.  Drupal has thousands of modules that will allows people to create websites that handle e-commerce to search engine optimization.



Large open source projects like Apache, Linux (open source operating system) and Drupal tend to be very stable.  Computer systems administrators will often brag about how long their Linux server have operated without being rebooted.  This stability is because of the open nature of the software.  If a software glitch is found anyone with programming knowledge can help to fix the issue.  Compare this to traditional software where only a select group of people can modify the software. When only a few people can fix a software glitch, it can take much longer to work out issues.


I'm interested in open source options, what should I do now?

1. Contact KTG, part of our job is to find open source software options that fit your needs.

2. Sign up for the Tech-Adviser newsletter where we often review new open source software options.

3. Visit which is the definative list of open source software packages.


Common open source applications

- Email: Zimbra

- File sharing and version control: Alfresco

- Customer Relationship Management: SugarCRM

- Websites: Drupal


Learn more by downloading the open source info sheet.