Mac Support for Denver Businesses

ktg likes macs

KTG likes Macs.  In fact we use Macs daily (don't worry Linux fans... we have a slew of Linux servers running in the background).

At the philosophical level, KTG believes that you should be free to choose your operating system.  We always strive to make all of our products platform independent.  If you decide to switch to Linux or a PC in the future you won't need to change your IT systems.


Need to get Macs working in your office?

KTG has the expertise to get Macs working within your office. KTG has experience both with setting up pure Mac environments or mixed environments with Macs, Linux and Windows all working together.

Whether you need Macs to access databases, file servers or other software systems KTG can help you get your systems working together.  

Need Technology Solutions that support Macs?

You will be  challenged to find a technology solution or service from KTG that does not support Macs. From email to customer databases to online backups all our products support Macs.  We strongly believe that IT solutions shouldn't be tied to specific operating systems.  

Go ahead and browse our Technology Services and Solutions, you already know they support Macs.