Information Technology (IT) Management for Small Businesses


Are you looking for higher-level support for IT issues? Do you understand the 2nd and 3rd order effects for IT decisions made today? Our staff will work closely with you and your business to understand your needs and help develop an overarching plan for how technology fits into your company.


Computer and Data Disaster Plans

Many small businesses do not have sufficient data backup plans. From hard drive failures to larger disasters, businesses loose millions of dollars in productivity each year because data stored on computers is unnecessarily lost.  We can help you develop and implement disaster plans to ensure your information is protected.


License Management

Often overlooked, unlicensed software can cost thousands in legal fees.  Ensure all your software possesses a valid license and those licenses are tracked.


Technology Master Plan

A technology blueprint from KTG shows an IT road map as well as identifies trigger points for upgrades or additions to IT infrastructure. The KTG IT blueprint is a product that provides direction and guidance for IT decisions within the company.


Office Re-location

Moving to a new office building and need to maintain network connectivity and uninterrupted operations while moving?  KTG can assist you developing a plan to ensure all your systems are moved and any network downtime is minimized, ensuring you can keep in touch will all your clients. 


Regulatory Compliance

More than 25% of companies have had employee emails subpoenaed in court.  Small businesses are often unaware of the myriad of rules dictating what electronic documents companies retain and destroy.  The rules guiding document retention are only  expected to become more and more complex.  KTG can help  ensure you are keeping all the electronic information required to by law.