Information Management: Intranet and Collaboration


Getting the relevant information to the correct people can be a difficult, yet vital for business success. KTG provides plans to manage business information making it accessible and applicable.


Business Intranet Website

Businesses need to share information within the organization.  While network drives offer cheap storage solutions, managing the gigabytes of information is difficult.  An intranet website allows you to post and share relevant information in an organized way.  Powerful search features allow you to make large amounts of information accessible.


Versioning and Collaboration Software

Ever had someone accidentally overwrite a document with and older version?  Or perhaps you’re finding yourself spending hours piecing together 10 different documents from 10 different people into one final product?  Automated versioning systems save all previous versions of documents to prevent you from loosing valuable information.  KTG can also help your business with document collaboration, allowing multiple people to work on a document without the worry accidently overwriting work.