Email for Small Businesses


Save Time with Enterprise Email for Less

  • Globally accessible email - Access your email from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Lower cost - KTG provides email services for thousands less than running your own Exchange server.
  • Universal access - It doesn't matter if you use a Mac, PC or Linux computer.  
  • Mobile access - Sync your email, contacts and calendar with mobile devices.  
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - KTG guarantees you will be satisfied with your new email system.  


Two Email Choices to Meet Your Needs


1. Google Applications 

  • Enterprise level email and collaboration system at an extremely low cost.  
  • Synchronization with Outlook.
  • Continual improvements - you don't shell out hundreds of dollars to upgrade your software.  Software updates are continaully ingtegrated into the system.  
  • Advanced Spam Filtering.
  • Lower cost - In addition to extremely low costs Google Apps takes many of the hidden fees out of running a server (things like software and hardware upgrades, backups, systems maintenance).


2. Zimbra Mail Server  (Watch a video overview)

  • A great solution for people who want to run an email server in the office.  
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook.
  • You control all aspects of the server.  
  • Open source application.  


Contact KTG today to setup a free meeting to discuss which email product is best for your business.