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What is a Content Management System?

A CMS system allows you to create and update your website without HTML knowledge.  You can create and update a webpage within a text editor that is very similar to creating a document in Microsoft Word.  When you click save, your work is immediately saved to the website.  You can easily add pictures, video and file downloads to a CMS. 

Another advantage of a CMS is that you can create very functional websites with ease.  For instance, if you wanted to add a blog to your site, you just need to enable the blog module.  Or perhaps you need an e-commerce site, all you need to do is add an e-commerce module to the site.  

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drupal cms seo optionsWhat is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source CMS.  At KTG we like the Drupal open source system because it is based on a module system that allows you add thousands of functions to your website.  The Drupal system is also great because it's used by thousands of businesses to run their websites.  Because of this large user base, Drupal is a fast and secure CMS.  When companies like Fedex, Yahoo and AOL trust Drupal to run some of their sites, we think Drupal is good enough for small businesses too.  Oh and because it's open source, the software is completely free.  

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What are the top reasons to choose the Drupal CMS system for my website?

1. You control your content.  You no longer need to pay a web designer everytime you want to make an update to your site.  

2. You can easily add web applications to your website.  Wether you are looking to add a blog or e-commerce site Drupal probably has a module to meet your needs.  

3. Drupal grows with your business.  As your website becomes more popular Drupal is able to many website visitors.  

4. Drupal helps your website show up in online searches.  Several Drupal modules automate many of the important parts Search Engine Optimization to help you promote your website online.  

5. Drupal separates content from design.  At some point you are going to want up update your website design.  With Drupal a web designer can create a look and feel for your website and drop it into Drupal.  With a few clicks you can totally revamp the look and feel of your website while keeping all your content.  


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