Veteran Owned Small BusinessKTG is a Certified Veteran Owned Business.  

The goal of KTG is to provide small businesses in the Denver area with technology solutions that provide the technological advantage medium and large businesses often have because of a full-time IT staffs.  After working with several small businesses on a case by case basis the founder realized the need to provide small businesses with quality technology support.  Thanks to the flattening of technology now even the smallest companies have access to enterprise level IT systems.

The Kahuna Technology Group (KTG) is an information technology (IT) consulting and services company which assesses IT needs and develops and implements quality solutions for small businesses.  KTG provides the same quality IT solutions seen at large firms while also providing high levels of customer service and interaction characteristic of small businesses.


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Advantages of KTG

  • Ability to speak intelligently about IT in a way that is understandable to small business management.
  • Use of new technologies like virtual computing to provide IT services cheaper than competitors and in house IT departments.
  • Ability to provide the same sophisticated level of services seen at large firms while still providing the customer services advantage of a small business.
  • Ability to understand the clients business and requirements.
  • Use and knowledge of open source products, not simply relying on Microsoft solutions.


What does Kahuna mean?

According to the Pukui & Elbert Dictionary, a Kahuna is a "Priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any profession."  While KTG does not profess  to be any type of priest or sorerer, we do think we are experts in the technology arena.  Thus we are the Kahuna (expert) Technology Group.

After living in hawaii for three years before starting KTG the founder, Jonathan Stoddard, took an interest in the Hawaiian culture and wanted to bring a little of it back with him to Colorado.  Jonathan was particularly interested in the Hawaiian concepts of Ohana (family) and Mâlama (caring for one another and the environment).